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Following the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, trustee Tom Matota opened the floor to those present. Jacob Seinc of Scout Troop 465 presented the trustees with updates on his Eagle Scout project (the cleaning and restoration of the Pixley Park hiking trail). Seinc has revised his plan to trade off the mulching of the trail with the construction of stone ramps at the trailhead—enabling Seinc and others to get equipment needed to clear brush on the trail to the job site. Trustee Jim Turos made a motion to accept the changes as presented, to which all trustees agreed.

Fiscal Officer David Finney presented the minutes from last month’s special meeting, and trustee meeting. Both documents were accepted as presented. Finney then presented a bank reconciliation, as well as the bills and wages to be paid. After the trustees completed the payments, Finney presented them with a fund status report. Within the report, Finney included several “suggested supplemental appropriations” which included reallocation of $37,000 for the salt shed project, $9,700 for fuel tanks, and additional funds for Moving Ohio Forward demolition projects. After a brief discussion amongst the trustees and fiscal officer, all trustees voted to accept all recommendations as presented.

Finney also presented a revenue status report that showed the interest earned on township accounts thus far, information that had been requested by Turos at a previous meeting.

After several meetings, a decision was made regarding NOPEC’s request for a resolution in support of the program. After seeking the advice of Chris Meduri, the trustees unanimously decided to take no action on NOPEC’s request.

At the previous meeting, the board authorized Zoning Inspector Anna Mae VanDerHoeven to look into two properties in preparation for adding them to the Moving Ohio Forward project. VanDerHoeven found that back taxes are owed on both properties. The trustees voted to approve resolutions to proceed with Moving Ohio Forward projects at 11212 and 11921 Hopkins Road. At this stage this involves performing a title search, and obtaining warrants for the inspection of both properties by the Health, Fire, and Building inspectors.

The proposed zoning text dealing with family businesses passed as written with votes by Matota and Turos while Trustee Joe Leonard abstained from voting on the amendment. It should be noted that discussion prior to voting centered around changes proposed by Meduri. Matota felt that many of Meduri’s concerns were already addressed by the text, and that the proposed changes gutted the program. Turos did not like the proposed changes either. Leonard felt that Meduri’s concerns should have gone back to Zoning for consideration so the text could be reviewed one more time before approval.

Matota and Leonard reminded those present that anyone can start a petition to have the zoning change challenged during May elections.

Chuck Vanek reported that the culvert projects on Hopkins and Bloom were complete. He also mentioned that the right-of-way on Pritchard Road is in the slope of the hill. Further discussion revealed that there might be discrepancies in where the right-of-way truly is along the road, as private surveys do not coincide with county surveys.

VanDerHoeven turned in her zoning report.

Leonard presented an estimate for $900 to restore the flooring in the Community House over a period of two to three days. The contractor will also train township employees on the process so a regular maintenance plan can be followed.  The trustees unanimously approved the project.

Leonard also checked into a P.A. system to be used at meetings as attendees regularly complain about being unable to hear the trustees. Matota felt that a P.A. system is not an immediate need, and the trustees decided to revisit the idea in the future should the need arise.

Concern was raised over a $7,100 estimate for the township’s share of chip and sealing on Brosius Road. Matota and Turos felt that the Salt Shed and Fuel Tank projects were a higher priority this year as the township’s portion of Brosius is still in pretty good shape.

Leonard presented an estimate for drawings, and electrical. Matota would like to see an estimate for a complete package deal rather that completing each portion piecemeal.

The gentleman attached to the salt barn project was unable to attend the meeting, however Leonard reported that his prices had risen by $500 since the last estimate due to material costs. All three trustees agreed that it was important to get “on the list” for a salt barn even if the project wouldn’t be completed before this winter.

With no further township business, Matota opened the meeting for comments. Mike Elias of the Nelson Garrettsville Community Cupboard informed the trustees that the organization would soon be relocating to the historic Buckeye Block building in Garrettsville.

With no other comments heard from those present, the meeting was adjourned.