Nelson Twp. – The Nelson Township Trustees met for their regularly scheduled meeting at the Community House with all members and fiscal officer present. The first item on the agenda was to hold a public meeting on the zoning amendments concerning  storage of vehicles on vacant lots. After some discussion on what exactly the amendment was proposing, the trustees decided to send amendments back to the zoning commission for clarification before making any decisions on them.
The fiscal officer presented the bills and wages, and a resolution to renew their membership with the Bureau of Workers Compensation. The board approved these measures.
Trustee Jim Turos suggested changes to the bleacher plan for Pixley Park. He suggested using gravel in front of the stands rather than grass. Turos claims the grass will not tolerate the traffic as well as gravel and he feels they will have to dig it out and replace the grass with gravel at some time in the future. He said gravel would be easier to maintain and it would be easier to dig out the sod now for the gravel rather than have someone have to do it later when they discover the grass was not a good idea. After some discussion the trustees decided to leave the bleacher plan as is with the grass in front of them so small kids can play while others are watching the game. Work on the bleachers will begin soon.
Trustee Joe Leonard stated that the electric violations were just about corrected with a few minor details to be finished up this week. The corrections will bring the Community House up to the current code.
He also stated that they had received an application for a conditional use permit for Isaac Mills to house the food bank. The food bank committee asked if the trustees would waive the $75 fee for the permit as it will be an ongoing community service project. After some discussion the trustees agreed to waive the permit fee. A public hearing on the conditional use permit is scheduled for August 10, 2011 at 7pm at Pixley Park.
Lastly, the trustees announced that the new water well at the maintenance building will be drilled soon. The current well had water quality issues that could not be corrected, so a new well is being drilled.
The trustees meet on the first and third Wednesday at 7:30 pm at the Community House. More information on what is happening in Nelson can be found on their web site