Nelson Twp – Officials present at the May 21, 2014 trustee meeting were fiscal officer J. David Finney and township trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota. Also present were, Roads Supervisor Chuck Vanek, Zoning Inspector Anna Mae VanDerHoeven.

After the meeting was called to order, Finney asked the Trustees whether there were any additions to the evening’s agenda. With no additions made, the meeting proceeded as scheduled.

Eric Thoren, Assistant Chief of the Garrettsville Freedom Nelson Joint Fire District, informed the trustees that the department had been elected to host a water shuttle training session. He was in attendance to request permission to make use of the Pixley Park parking lot to setup the equipment and pump water off. The department plans to shoot water off into the swampy area. Training would be scheduled for 8am on Sunday, June 8th and would last about 2 hours. Matota made a motion to allow the fire department “to do whatever they need to do” for their training exercise. All trustees voted in favor of the motion.

As the next order of business, Finney presented the trustees with copies of the May 7th meeting minutes, as well as the bills & wages to be paid, totaling  $52,103.24. The trustees also received copies of the fund status report; at the time of the meeting the townships pooled funds totaled over $353,584.77. Matota asked Finney to elaborate on a few items in the bills & wages. Elias made a motion to pay bills and wages as presented. All voted in favor.

Finney reported that he will need to make an appointment with the county engineer, as there seems to be a gap in communication regarding the road projects. The township is waiting on the engineer’s office to provide specifications for the roads, a wait that is impeding the township’s ability to set dates for advertising, receiving and opening job bids. Finney also mentioned that the mower and tractor purchase have been moving along thanks to assistance from Matota. Finney spoke with the tractor dealer who said the tractor has arrived and is being prepped. The mower should arrive for it by mid-June.

VanDerHoeven has talked to Lisa at Regional Planning about demolishing the structure (known locally as “the feral cat house”) on Newell Ledge Rd first. The vermin and numerous feral cats in the property are posing a great concern for neighboring property owners. Lisa also informed VanderHoeven that asbestos testing is currently being conducted at all properties. The results should be received by the end of May.

Vanek reported that Pure Ionics had no knowledge of selling the township the equipment in place at the Community House. The company had no record of the equipment. Matota would like to see the old equipment removed, especially if it’s not being used/not hooked up. Vanek also mentioned that his crew was getting things prepped for Memorial Day. They have also begun patching soft spots in roads. Matota asked about the new part-time positions, and Vanek responded that the first new hire is working well.

Elias reported that he had spoken with ODOT regarding Speed Limit on SR 305. He was informed by an ODOT representative that the amount of traffic on SR 305 is insufficient to change the speed limit. They are aware of the Amish population along the road, and the increased foot traffic, which was taken into account when setting the speed limit. ODOT will, however be putting up signs along the road to alert motorists of the presence of pedestrian, and buggy traffic.

Leonard reported that the playground equipment for Pixley Park has been delivered, and is ready to assemble. The goal is to have the equipment assembled sometime in June, and Leonard would like to have as many many volunteers from the community as possible.

Matota reported that he attended the County Engineer Association meeting. He presented the other trustees with information from the meeting.

Leonard reported that the Salt Barn footers are scheduled to be poured during the first week of June. He also reported that there has been some trouble getting people to quote the fuel tank project due to its small scope. The design for the fuel paddock has also changed slightly, which has the bollards moving to the face exterior.

The meeting was adjourned following the signing of checks.