Nelson Twp – Officials present at the April 16, 2014 trustee meeting were fiscal officer J. David Finney and township trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Tom Matota. Also present were Roads Supervisor Chuck Vanek, Zoning Inspector Anna Mae VanDerHoeven, and Community House Caretaker Michelle Cmunt.

After the meeting was called to order, Finney asked the trustees whether there were any additions to the evening’s agenda. With no additions made, the meeting proceeded as scheduled.

As the first order of business, Finney presented the trustees with copies of the April 2nd meeting minutes, as well as the bills & wages to be paid totaling $14,241.29. The trustees also received copies of the fund status report; at the time of the meeting the townships pooled funds totaled just over $399,000.

A request was made by VanDerHoeven for a new set of tax maps for the zoning department. The trustees approved the purchase of the maps.

Finney presented a quote made out to the township for the playground equipment that has been approved for purchase. The playground to be erected at Pixley Park will be a $15,752 project. The trustees also received a formal proposal for financing of the tractor totaling $39,897.54  with financing approved for a 3 year term at a rate of 2.29%. Elias made a motion to proceed with financing the tractor per the series of steps outlined by Finney. Matota seconded the motion. All trustees voted in favor of the motion.

Finney also informed the trustees and those present at the meeting that the fieldwork for the biannual audit was completed. The data from the audit still has to be looked over and sent off to the Auditor of State, but Finney stated that it looked good.

After receiving no contact from Robert LoConti of The Agora and Evan Rae of Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in regards to the Special Meeting that had been scheduled to discuss the pairs plans for summer liquor sales, the trustees canceled the meeting.

Vanek reported that the road crew is working on several roads that have exhibited some mud bleed through. He plans to dig up problem spots so they can be filled with aggregate and topped with asphalt.  He also reported that he is looking into working with Garrettsville on a chip and seal of Brosius Road. Vanek has idenified about 5 miles of roads for chip & seal repairs. A motion was passed to have Finney contact the County Engineer to get specifications for chip & seal on the roads specified in Vanek’s report.

Rodger Pettit presented information about the Veterans Memorial. Plans have been drawn up and submitted to the Building Department. He also inquired about the feasibility of having a compatibility study done on the site as each memorial weighs about 3,000 pounds. VanDerHoeven informed the trustees that she had drafted a thank you letter on behalf of township to the Bonners for their donation toward the war memorial project.

Members of the Pixley Park committee reported that they are looking for volunteers to help setup for the annual yard sale.

Matota reported that the plumbing issue which was discovered at the last meeting has been resolved. The corner has been replumbed. Finney volunteered to look into the reverse osmosis system and find out if it can be fixed. Matota also stated that he would like to see the township move forward with Meduri’s resolution for vacating Shanks-Down road. All trustees were in agreement on that subject. Matota also reported that he spoke with the County Engineer and a representative of ODOT to ascertain ownership responsibility of Nelson Circle. Everything that can be found states that ownership reverts back to public lands. The ODOT representative was pretty sure they had no claims over it. Matota reported that Meduri has laid out a process for the trustees to obtain a deed for the land.

Elias announced that the township cleanup has been scheduled for May 3rd & 4th.

The zoning committee is working on a statement that can be run in the newspapers to educate voters on Issue 13. Once the statement has been prepared and approved it will be incorporated into an informative announcement and included in local papers.

Leonard reported that the salt barn project can commence after the final paperwork is received. The fuel tank project is still being bid on. He also gave a recap of Larry Limpert’s Drug Task Force presentation. The Portage County Drug Task Force will be back in the area on April 30th at 6:30PM. The presentation will be held at Iva L. Walker Auditorium inside of Garfield High School 10233 SR 88 in Garrettsville.

Leonard reported that the wiring in basement of the Community House was “really scary”. He has received a bid of $960 fix the wiring in the basement. A discussion amongst the trustees followed after Matota asked for a synopsis of the repairs. All trustees voted in favor of having the wiring straightened out.  Leonard also sought approval to pay for a booth and possibly a banner at Summerfest that would be used to promote the township, #Garrettsville Strong, Pixley Park, and the Nelson War Memorial. Booth space is priced at $75. The motion carried with affirmative votes by Leonard and Elias. Matota voted against.

Following a discussion about employment opportunities within the township, the trustees voted to approve advertising for part-time positions with the potential to become an offer of full-time.

The meeting was adjourned.