Nelson Twp. – Residents gathered at the Nelson Community House on Wednesday, September 17th for the second trustee meeting of the month. All trustees and officials were present and accounted for.

Dave Finney presented the board of trustees with the minutes from the previous meeting; the minutes were approved as presented with a motion made by Elias. Finney then presented the trustees with bills and wages to be paid totaling $9,520.87. Trustees also received a fund status report, revenue status report, and a copy of a communication from ODOT stating that the revised order for road salt had been accepted. The vendor Morton Salt accepted the reduction in salt ordered with the  the township agreeing to purchase 200 tons of salt at $108.01/ton.

Vanek believes the chip & seal project will begin within the next week. He reported that crews from the contractor had been out sweeping the projects. This year’s chip and seal work includes: Brosius Road from Center Street to Pierce Road; Adams Road; the southern end of Hopkins Road, and Prentiss Road.

Elias mentioned that a notification will be placed in the Villager in regards to the Veteran’s Memorial Project. The announcement will provide a status update on the project. Finney informed the trustees that as of the September 17th meeting $6,025 had been collected for the project. As a reminder, paving bricks are available at a variety of sponsorship levels. Visit for a printable order form. Elias would also like to have a “state of the township” recap at the second trustee meeting in November.

Leonard reported the dry hydrant on Fenstermaker has been pulling some air. The fire department will talk to the landowners to see about relocating the hydrant to a more suitable location on their property with the situation hopefully resolved this fall. Leonard made a motion to help with the project (the township providing backhoe work). He also provided a status update on the 305/88 situation. Leonard has been in contact with two different levels of ODOT, as well as Congressman Joyce, and Representative Kathleen Clyde. ODOT feels that the problem seems to be that people stopping East-West assume North-South have to stop as well. ODOT will be placing larger crossroad warning signs, and replacing “cross traffic does not stop” signs with larger “new style” signs. Matota was asked to find out  how much Hiram spends to do their own chip & seal projects, Leonard indicated that he would be interested to see if there were longterm savings that could be realized by performing the work in-house.

Elias reported that residents have asked the trustees what can be done about issues at the Quarry Park. According to Meduri the only thing that the trustees can do is pass a resolution stating that the park is creating a public nuisance with their concerts. Many residents were present to make their opinions and concerns known. The trustees heard  commentary from both sides, including statements from park owners/operators Joretta Frohring and Evan Kelley. Ultimately the trustees invited everyone to attend the next meeting on October 1st for a civilized public forum that will be attended by township legal council Christopher Meduri, and a representative from the Portage County Sheriff’s Department.

Janet Esposito came in to talk to those present. She provided information about Geographical Information System, and an informational handout of the services offered by the Auditor’s Office.

Following Esposito’s presentation the trustees signed checks, and adjourned the meeting.