Nelson Twp. – Township officials present at the second Nelson Township trustee meeting of October, held Wednesday, October 18th were Fiscal Officer John David Finney; Trustees Joe Leonard, Mike Elias, and Kevin Cihan; Anne Mae VanDerHoeven, Chuck Vanek, and Sandy Huzl.
After the meeting was called to order Finney presented the trustees with the minutes of the prior meeting. Upon reviewing the minutes Elias noted that VanDerHoevan’s record does not match the printed record. The minutes then accepted with modification to bring them inline with VanDerHoevan’s account.
Finney reported that he has been attending meetings to work out a plan to submit to the county’s budget committee. The plan calls for a more equitable (read: fair) allocation to funding throughout the county. A motion to approve the plan (resolution 127-017) was made by Cihan, seconded by Leonard and approved unanimously. Finney also presented the trustees with bills & wages to be paid totaling just shy of $29,792; an updated fund status report accompanied. A request to replace the township’s color copier/printer at a price not to exceed $350 was approved.
Sandy Huzl informed the trustees that use of the ballfield has slowed down with the arrival of colder weather; however rentals at the community house are picking up.
VanDerHoevan had nothing new to report from Zoning, however she did inform the trustees that a resident requested the Community House receive a pressure-washing to remove the mildew on the exterior.
Vanek reported that chip and seal work on Norton Road was expected to begin 10/19, and if everything goes well, should be completed within the day. After chip and seal work is completed, the road crew will be back on roadside brush removal.
Leonard informed the other trustees that a copy of the EPA’s agreement with the new owners of the racetrack was included in the packets. Elias indicated that he is very interested to know where and what they are spraying to control the mosquito population. Cihan reminded Elias that documentation is submitted to the EPA, is a public record, and could be requested from the EPA. Cihan also asked Leonard to make a request that Ross Racing carbon copy the township on their EPA Reports.
Leonard asked for approval to have Yarnell Tree Service take a look at the trees by the ballfield. He’d like to get an estimate on the cost of helping the trees along. He also requested that trustee Elias be a little more courteous to Finney.
Cihan reported that the Center Street project is nearly complete. The final phase involves a topcoat, mailbox installation, berming, and driveway cleanup. He has tried to explain the issues with changes to the intersection, and has been in contact with the County Engineer.
The Q&A letter on the CRA was reviewed and discussed briefly. Cihan would like to start discussing at the mid-November meeting.
Cihan also respectfully asked Elias to remove his Community EMS Levy signs from the township property. Chris Meduri believes they fall under the township’s policy prohibiting political signage on public property.
Elias expressed concerns over statements made regarding the Portage County Drug Task Force at the last meeting.
The meeting was adjourned shortly after.