Nelson Twp. – The March 1 meeting started as they normally do with everyone in attendance rising to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Some of the general business that was discussed pertains to the campgrounds and their desire to have over 1,000 permanent sites. Trustees will be talking with the Portage County Health Department regarding this. The trustees need more information right now before making any decision.

A welder was purchased and a heavy duty cart was made for it. The maintenance department has been working on cleaning ditches and taking care of road problems. The new truck that was approved last month has been ordered.

Flags have been ordered for Memorial Day and volunteers will be needed to help with putting them up. The tree on the west side of the Community House has been taken down and the stump will be ground up soon.

There was a change in the order of business so Mr. Ross could present what is going on with the race track and the tract of land associated with it. They have cleaned up a lot of junk around the track and are looking into repairing the track. He shared with everyone in attendance that this is a work in progress.

There are both short term and long term goals connected with the development of the track. They are continuing to look into having automobile manufacturers use the track for testing. While they do things like this they will be working on other ways to use and market the track.

They continue to work with the EPA regarding mosquitoes and continue to spray the area. They are following the EPA guidelines and working on their schedule. They have invested a lot of time and money in this project and they are trying to do things correctly.

Mr. Elias reported on the progress of the Veterans Memorial. It will cost approximately $15,000 to complete the project. Currently, the committee has raised approximately $5,800. They will have to raise more funds and will be looking for help with this.

One of the residents in attendance asked about the Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) and the tax abatement and how these impact the track development. Mr. Ross answered that a tax abatement would help their project. He also explained that it could attract other businesses looking to move into the area.

Then there was some dialogue between trustees, residents and Mr. Bradford Ehrhart, who is the president of the Portage County Development Board. This discussion revolved around the possibility of a new CRA and what that would mean to the residents of Nelson and the general area.

There will be more discussion about this issue in future meetings. It looks like the trustees will be gathering more information and listening to discussions before a final decision is made.
A donation of $200 was made to help with the purchase of oxygen sensors for the maintenance department. Oxygen sensors will give maintenance workers a safer work environment for certain jobs.

The township’s new website is still a work in progress.

The possibility of allowing an organization to grow medical marijuana in Nelson Township was discussed. This type of business is regulated by the state of Ohio but the trustees would have to make a decision to allow or disallow this before any license could be applied for.

The trustees moved to go into an executive session after all of this business was taken care of and everyone in attendance was dismissed. The next scheduled meeting is for Wednesday March 15 at 7pm. All residents are welcome to attend.