Garrettsville – “…Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice….”
Well, the “naughty” part has my name all over it (mine and Mike Mikula’s) but the “nice” designation goes to the Piecemakers, a local quilting group which has donated some 30 homemade/handmade lap quilts (what my Grandma called “nap quilts”, because that’s what Grandpa used when taking his nap after lunch); they’re about half a regular bed size quilt and just fine for wrapping up in a wheelchair, on a couch, or for a small person. Snuggle-worthy.

This donation is their September project and has sent 15 or so of the wraps to Devon Place, a UH facility in Kent and another 15 to the Emergency Room at UH Portage Medical Center, Ravenna. They are meant primarily for elders and children but, truly, go to whoever is in need of extra warmth.

This group, the Piecemakers, has been around for some time. You may have seen their works at a few Christmas Walks, being raffled off at one of the tour stops. Beautiful new pattern every time. (I heard an auctioneer one time say –while selling off one of these items–that he only knew two patterns, “Wedding Ring” and “Log Cabin”. The Piecemakers are WAY beyond that.) You may have seen the super-size one at the James A. Garfield Historical Society, hanging on the stairwell and depicting locations and events important to

the history of Garrettsville and the surrounding area. Third graders get to see it on their annual trip to the museum in the Mott Building on Main St. You can too.
The group also helps out with crafting supplies for ongoing project at the Mantua Community Center.

The Piecemakers meet on the third Tuesday of the month at Garrettsville Village Hall on High St. They have a good time. You’ll be in stitches.