Recently the Boston Globe did a story titled “Mommy Juice: Pushing alcohol on stressed parents” that has started a bit of controversy. The US wine markets are starting to see an increase in new wine labels that explicitly call out “mommy” on the label. For example, I recently had the opportunity to try a California wine called MommyJuice. While the wine was quite refreshing (I tasted the Chardonnay) and was very convenient to drink (it was a screw cap), I am not sure I would buy this in the store to have at home. Sure it’s a great gift for your favorite wine and mom connoisseur, but as the article in the Boston Globe suggested, are labels such as MommyJuice going too far?I had the chance to join three other moms and sit down with a journalist from WKYC Channel 3 to discuss this new marketing approach and it was interesting to see how the terms “Mommy Juice” will impact the market. Does it promote excessive drinking? Does it encourage kids to think that wine (or other alcohol) is okay since mommy is drinking it? Obviously, in our family, drinking wine is almost a daily occurrence. Our daughters can be found at the winery working next to us, helping us and learning about the wine industry. However, they also know the negatives of drinking and how it can impact you and your loved ones. Sure, when they saw the label, they laughed at how funny it was then asked why there wasn’t a label called “Daddy’s Juice” or “Grandma’s Juice”. From talking to the other moms, I don’t see how a label that calls out moms is any different than putting a cute penguin or dog on the label and marketing to all wine drinkers. So as the battle continues over the popularity or lack of popularity with mom’s wine, I will continue to drink in moderation and drink the wines that I like – regardless of the label or suggestions from the label.
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