Middlefield – Are you looking for something different to do this Memorial Day?  Middlefield Market offers the thrill of a live auction, the slower pace of walking the flea market and a great place to get a really good meal all while saving money.  Middlefield Market is located at 15848 Nauvoo Road, just about 500 feet east of Settlers’ Village and Middlefield Cheese.  You can check their website at www.middlefieldmarket.com.The live auction, which starts at 8 am, will offer live plants, the freshest produce and eggs around, chickens as well as a myriad of other items such as tools, furniture and more.  The Sale Barn will be full of tables with folks that have great items at great prices.  Many of the vendors are there every Monday.  You can shop for unique items as well as everyday products like cleaning and food items.  Most of the individual vendors are cash and carry, while the auction house does take credit and debit cards for payment on auction winnings as well as cash.If you have never participated in a live auction, do not worry.  Tom and Tina Mooney, the owners, have made it easy for everyone to participate.  When you arrive, just check in at the office in the back of the main sale barn.  You will need to show your ID and then you will be given a temporary number which you will show when you want to bid on something.  If you win the bid, the item and your number will be entered into the computer system.  When you are ready to check out, simply go back to the office and show them your number.  The clerks will have an itemized list of the auctions you won, then pay and you are on your way.Once you have looked around at all the many items available for sale, be sure to stop by the Farmers Grill.  Roxanne Blair, who owns the grill, offers breakfast as well as lunch to visitors at Middlefield Market.  You can enjoy eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes and hash browns before you start shopping and bidding.  People come from several counties just to have her special Breakfast Pizza Deluxe.  Prices are so reasonable, you won’t believe it.For lunch Roxanne offers sandwiches such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fish, chicken Philly Steak and gyros with sides of French fries, onion rings or mozzarella sticks.  You can also enjoy pizza by the slice or just get a whole one.  For dessert try an apple fritter or cinnamon roll.  A variety of beverages, hot or cold, are offered, as well as a kid’s menu.The auction and flea market are known in the area because  they have been a staple of Mondays in Middlefield of many, many years.  The Mooneys have continued the tradition and have made Middlefield Market a fun place to shop.  There are a variety of other shops on the property.  You can find everything from antiques, jewelry and beads, gently-used furniture and clothing, to wood-burning equipment and more!  It is truly a fun-filled, family-friendly day.  Memorial Day is one of the busiest sale days, so you may want to plan to get there early or you may have to walk a spell.  Don’t forget that you can enjoy the live auction, the flea market and the Farmers Grill every Monday.  Just that Memorial Day is extra fun and extra busy.  Come out to beautiful Middlefield and enjoy a day full of shopping, great deals and great eats!