At the first regularly scheduled meeting in 2014, the Village Council approved appointment of Paul Janson as 2014 President of Council. In addition, Mr. Janson was appointed to the Finance Committee along with Ben Prescott and John Clark. Martin Hura was named the alternate member to the Finance Committee. Bill Zoller, Ben Prescott, and John Clark were appointed to the Service Committee. Mr. Janson was named as the alternate member to that committee. Council also appointed Martin Hura, Giles Seith, and Bill Zoller to the Village’s Safety Committee. Ben Prescott will serve as an alternate. Lastly, Council appointed Bill Zoller to fill the position of Mantua Village Representative to the MSFD Fire Board, effective February of this year. Giles Seith will serve as his alternate.  At this time, a Village representative and Mantua-Shalersville Fire Department representative have not yet been appointed. 

Next, Linda Clark made the following Mayoral appointments: Marty Hura and Ben Prescottwere appointed to the Parks Board, with terms effective through the end of December 2017. Don Buchert, Randy Weaver, and Wes Hawkins were appointed to the Park Board, with terms effective until December 31st of this year.  Mayor Clark appointed Giles Seith as an alternate to the Parks Board.

For the Shade Tree Committee, Mayor Clark appointed Councilman John Clark, with a term effective until December 31st, 2017. Don Buchert, Parks Board Member, was also appointed to the Shade Tree Committee, with a term effective until December 31st, 2014. Wes Hawkins was also appointed to the Committee, as was Randy Weaver. Their terms are in effect through December 2015 and December 2016, respectively. Councilman Martin Hura will serve as the alternate. At this time, there is an open position on the Shade Tree Committee for a Mantua Village citizen, with a term affective until the end of 2014. Please contact the Mayor’s office to express your interest.

Mayor Clark was appointed to the Planning Commission, with her term to extend through the end of December 2015. Ben Prescott was nominated by council, serving a term through the end of December 2017. Wes Hawkins, Randy Weaver, and Aaron Snopek were also appointed to the Planning Commission as citizen members, with term expiring on August 18, 2014, October 19, 2015, and January 18, 2016, respectively.

Cookie Vanek, Kim Block, and Claude Hopkins were appointed to the Cemetery Committee, with terms expiring in January of 2016. Dave Campbell, Jon Harmon, Ken Hetzel, Charles Engelhart, and Donald Schilling to the Board of Zoning appeals, with terms expiring on the last day of December in 2018, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2016, respectively. Ben Prescott was appointed the Village Delegate to Portage County Regional Planning Commission, and Paul Janson was appointed as his alternate. In addition, Ben Prescott was named CRA Housing Officer. Lastly, Mayor Linda Clark, Clerk-Treasurer Jenny August, Solicitor Michele Stuck, and citizen Kate Rogers were all appointed to the Village’s Records Commission.

During the legislative portion of the meeting, Council approved an ordinance authorizing the conveyance of a small parcel of village-owned land to the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). The parcel is located on the east side of State Route 44, near Canada Road. In addition, Council also approved legislation expressing support for the renewal of the state capitol improvement program, and accepted the low bid from Utility Contracting, Inc., of Youngstown. Utility Contracting will be taking on the Crestwood Sewer Line Project, which is scheduled to break ground in the spring.

The next regularly-scheduled Mantua Village Council meeting will be held on February 18th at 7 pm. A representative from the Portage Parks District will be in attendance to discuss a levy that will be on the ballot in the May election.