Mantua – At the last meeting, Sabrina Christian-Bennett attended. A 28-year resident of Portage County, and a business owner with a record of community service, she shared, “I love our county and want to see it flourish.” Ms. Christian-Bennett is running for county commissioner on November 8th.

Mayor Linda Clark announced that pressure testing would be conducted on a portion of the village’s water system in the near future. Residents would be notified, since the testing could effect water pressure on and around Orchard Street. Next, Mayor Clark announced open positions on both the Landmark Commission and the BZA; she asked that any interested parties contact her office for more information.

In his police report, Chief Harry Buchert asked Council to welcome
(pictured) to the department. Starks and his wife live in Twinsburg. In similar news, Mayor Clark shared that the anti-drug community meeting held at Crestwood Intermediate School was well-received, with an estimated 130 participants in attendance.

Village Administrator Bruce Rininger reported that work on High Street and Prospect is progressing, as is valve work at the water treatment plant. He asked for and received council’s approval to address storm sewer issues on Oak Street and Second Street, and for work on State Route 44 and Prospect. Village Administrator Rich Iafelice shared that CT Consultants was completing a utility analysis, which he expects to complete in October. He shared the proposed layout for the Mill Street Connector project with council, as well as a proposed water  line easement map, which he and Mayor Clark planned to share at the October Crestwood School Board meeting. Lastly, Mr. Iafelice reported that the village park master plan would be ready for review at council’s next meeting.

In other news, Mayor Clark shared plans to include a 1-mil levy on the 2017 ballot. The proposed levy would cover operating funds for the cemetery, and would cost an estimated $100 per year for a home valued at $100,000.

The next meeting of Village Council will take place on Tuesday, October 18th at 7 pm. Residents are encouraged to attend.