Mantua – As of September 1st, Kate Rogers has been hired as Administrative Services Officer. In this role, she will report to Clerk-Treasurer/Fiscal Officer Jenny August; in addition, Ms. Rogers will also work to process water and sewer billing with Village Administrator David Akerley. Rogers is a Mantua Village resident with a background in tax work.

In his monthly report, Chief Harry Buchert shared that his department’s K-9 unit has been in operation for a year, and during that time, has been vital in drug enforcement in the village. In other news, the Chief proposed potential legislation to identify thru and non-thru streets within the village. Such legislation will allow the department to have signage posted, to curtail speeding and pass-thru motorists, while keeping village streets safe for residents and pedestrians. The village Solicitor Michele Stuck has submitted a draft of this legislation to the Safety Committee for review at their next meeting.

Continuing, Village Administrator Akerley reported that his team has been working in the East Lawn Cemetery making repairs to the mausoleum, and removing dead and overgrown trees. In total, ten trees will be removed. Akerley noted that Ms. Rogers has started sewer and water billing training. In addition, he reported that his department is in the process of repairing and replacing fire hydrants. Village Engineer Brian Rogers interjected that future fire hydrant repairs and replacements of the village’s 77 existing hydrants could potentially be funded by an OPWC grant for health and safety projects. He suggests starting a wish list to give ample time for completion of the necessary paperwork by the application deadline next spring. Other projects could include sanitary sewer work, accessibility ramps, and any sidewalks that are a trip hazard.

In addition, Rogers informed Council that necessary forms and reports have been submitted for the Mats Road Bridge to have it included on the state inventory list. In addition, he provided updates on the State Route 44 sidewalk-engineering project, of which plans are awaiting approval from ODOT. Also, the Crestwood Sanitary Sewer plan has been completed and submitted to the EPA for approval. To date, two of the five needed easements required for that project have been executed. Rogers also reported that his team has begun the wastewater treatment plant study. Currently, his teams is analyzing reports and have created a model of the plant to help formulate recommendations for improvements.

Lastly, council approved an ordinance increasing village water and sewer rates, effective October 1, 2013. This legislation had been under discussion in council since July of this year. In addition, council approved legislation to document the current salaries, wages and titles of all full time and part time employees. This legislation effectively repealed inconsistent documentation in village ordinances.

The next Mantua Village Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 15th at 7pm