Mantua Twp. – At a recent township meeting, Trustee Victor Grimm raised the topic of the Capital Grant, through Senator Eklund’s office. He noted that all the required paperwork has been filed, and the application is in Columbus, and “in line” for approval. It was speculated that disbursement of funds would most likely not take place until early 2017, due to State government holiday shutdowns in the month of December. It was noted that former Fiscal Officer Marie Stehli and current Fiscal Officer Jodie Thompson agreed that it would be acceptable to move $20,000 of funds in order to certify the township’s portion of the funding. After some discussion, a motion to move $20,000 into the Center School account was unanimously approved.

In addition, Trustee Chairman Jason Carlton and Fiscal Officer Jodie Thompson signed documents certifying funds in the amount of $92,613.40 — that is $82,613 from the Portage County Commissioners and $10,000 from the trustees. The total grant award is $140,000. After further clarification, five sets of documents were signed, for each government entity responsible for administration of the grant.

Next, Mr. Grimm reported that the Boy Scouts have nearly completed the renovation project to repair and refurbish the historic 12-holer outhouse near the Township Hall. The trustees thanked the Scouts for their work on this project.

Lastly, in public comment, resident Susan Skrovan, who handles rentals of the township facilities, shared that the group who meet regularly on Tuesdays in the Administration Building annex had approached her. She explained the group’s desire to meet at the Civic Center during the winter months of the construction period of the elevator project.  After some discussion, this request was approved by all three trustees.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Township Trustees will be held on Thursday, December 1st at 7 pm; residents are encouraged to attend.