Mantua Twp. – At the last meeting, Terri Vechery from the Historic Landmark Commission discussed establishing a fund for the Commission to cover the cost of copies and postage, as well as a place to deposit monetary donations the group receives. Ms. Vechery shared that the group is in the process of setting net year’s budget. In addition, she stated that the Commission will host a free, public event where an architecture expert will share a presentation on the variety of historic architectural styles in the Village. The event will be held at Hilltop Christian Church in June; planning is underway and details are forthcoming.

In other news, Portage Parks Director Christine Craycroft shared her organization’s plans to refurbish a portion of the Headwaters Trail from Garrettsville to Mennonite Road, thanks to grant funding. She asked the Village to consider applying for a recreational trails grant funding to maintain and improve the one-mile of Village-owned trail that adjoins the Park’s portion. In addition, she asked the Village to consider requesting funding to build up the embankment at Mennonite Road where the trail will eventually travel west toward Aurora. The grant would require a 20% match from the Village, in funds and/or in-kind services. Council approved an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to apply for the ODNR grant to maintain and resurface the Village’s portion of the trail, but did not pursue funds for the embankment at this time.

In similar news, Council approved a resolution authorizing the Mayor to apply for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Portage County Commissioners. If received, the grant would be used to make mandatory upgrades to the Village’s dispatch operations center or resurface a portion of West Prospect Street. Both grant pre-applications are due in May. In his Village Engineer’s report, Rich Iafelice reported that the survey work for the High Street waterline and roadway improvements has been completed, and design work is proceeding. He expects to receive a contract agreement for the Headwaters Trail Mill Street Connector project some time this month. On a related subject, Council approved CT Consultants to undergo a rate study of the Village’s wastewater treatment system. This project will include an assessment of the entire process to ascertain whether current rates are covering the costs associated with operation of the plant. Lastly, Mr. Iafelice reported that the ODOT Canada Road bridge replacement project will soon begin.

The Service Committee shared their recommendations for the 2016 paving schedule. They identified the primary projects to include paving and storm sewer work on Oak Street between High and Franklin Streets, while the secondary projects to be paving Second Street from High to Prospect. These projects will be funded by the road levy fund.

Lastly, the Village Park Committee has created a survey to ascertain improvements at Village Park. Some questions include suggested improvements to the pavilions, playground, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as the addition of a dog park, but the Committee is interested in other suggestions, as well. Access the survey at the Village’s website:, or submit comments in writing at Village Hall during business hours. Comments are due by April 19th.

The next Village Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 19th at 7 pm. Residents are encouraged to attend.