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Make Dad Happy With Less Traditional Father’s Day Fare


Getting ready to gift Dad for Father’s Day? To those heading to the menswear department of their local clothing stores, do not even think about veering toward the tie display. Doesn’t Dad deserve something a little more than a necktie?

Father’s Day celebrates the scores of fathers who get up early every morning and head to work to provide for their families. It also honors the men who devote their free time to coach baseball practices, lead scouting troops, run behind a bicycle while a child is learning to ride, and so many other fatherly tasks.

Every year kids (and their moms) fret over what to purchase for the special man of the house. Maybe Dad has a hobby or interest that makes gifting easy. Too often, however, figuring out a Father’s Day present can be a challenge.

Although neckties top the list of go-to gifts, chances are Dad wouldn’t be upset if he didn’t unwrap one this year. Instead, think about these less-cliche gifts.

* “Of the month” club: Enroll Dad in one of those series subscriptions that sends him a new item to try every month. From fruit to books, there are many opportunities to find something he’ll enjoy. Plus, this shows Dad he’s special more than one day during the year.

* Food basket: If the “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” a gift basket filled with his favorite treats will be a winner. Look for specialty items that he enjoys but seldom buys.

* Sports game: Buy tickets to attend a game when Dad’s favorite sports team will be playing nearby. Wrap the tickets with some team memorabilia, like a new hat or T-shirt.

* Dinner for two: Although Father’s Day is to celebrate the special bond Dad has with his children, a father who often sacrifices his time to be with the kids may not have many private moments with the other special person in his life. Arrange dinner reservations for two, so parents can go out and enjoy a little adult time.

* Fish aquarium: Tending to and watching fish can be a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Purchase Dad a new fish tank and accessories and make a date to go together to pick out fish to fill it.

* Something to make chores easier: Think about the chores that Dad does but may not enjoy. Arrange for an easier way to get those chores done. For the father who doesn’t relish mowing and tending to the lawn, reserve a lawn-care service for a month or two to ease Dad’s workload.

* Automotive accessories: Oftentimes, a car or truck is viewed as an extension of its owner. Dad may adore his ride and items that will help him wash, wax and buff it into a pristine vision will no doubt be appreciated.

There are many Father’s Day gifts to purchase or arrange that go beyond the stereotypical gifts bestowed year after year. Kids can make this celebration even better with gifts that really show they care.