GarrettsvilleSeparate Pieces, a showing of recent paintings by local artist Xyl Lasersohn, will be hosted at Silver Frog Studios on Main Street, from June 30th to August 6th, with an opening reception from 7-9 on the evening of the 30th.

xyl-lasersohnCurrently residing in Hiram and working towards a BFA at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Xyl is primarily a painter but works in many other mediums as well. His work has been exhibited in various venues such as Hedge Gallery and Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, and The Shaker Heights Nature Center. The show’s title, Separate Pieces refers to the way in which Xyl divides and separates his compositions into fragmented, abstract shapes. Along with the visual aspects of the work, Xyl also explores purpose as a thematic element in the work. This is done by separating purpose into three categories: a problem, a solution, and the actual solving of the problem. In his paintings he depicts various problems, most of which have no solution, such as paths leading off into nowhere, or impossibly tall structures on the verge of collapse. With all of these elements he hopes to interest the viewer, but at the same time confuse and disconcert.

Light refreshments will be available at the opening reception and the show can be viewed at any time during Silver Frog’s open hours which are updated at, where previews of the paintings can also be seen. Select paintings, reproductions, and postcards will also be available for purchase.