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Light Shows


It’s hard to believe that six years ago we put together a small animated light show for families to enjoy during the summer. With only 10,000 lights synchronized to music it was something that left an impression on anyone who saw the show. Then the years continued and the Summer Light Show grew to over 70,000 lights this past year. More songs and more features were added but as the summer came to an end it was hard for us to see the light show come to an end.

Then we had an idea… why not take advantage of the holiday spirit around the area and do a Holiday Light Show? While everyone was enjoying the Summer Light Show we were secretly planning out new features and more lights to be synchronized to some holiday favorites. We’ve been listening to holiday songs since July, trying to find the right ones, the ones that would give us a variety of options and ones that every guest that came to the winery would enjoy.

With all of the planning complete, the final tweaks have been made and the test runs are complete; we are releasing our fourth season of the Holiday Light Show. For anyone that has driven down Center Road over the past two weeks you may have seen lights glowing from around the house and winery. This year’s light show will kick off on Friday, November 29th at 8pm with more than 70,000 lights. Nestled between the hillside and the winery, Candlelight Cove will be THE place to start a new holiday tradition.

Plus, bring the kids on Fridays for our Family Friendly Fridays! For a small fee, kids will have the opportunity to create a holiday placemat, design a wooden soldier or car, make a holiday suncatcher and many more crafts while you sit back and enjoy a great night out.  Plus we’ll be serving hot chocolate, sparkling grape juice and other kid-friendly items so they don’t feel left out.

The show will play twice each Friday (7:00pm and 8:30pm) and Saturday (6:30pm and 9:30pm) night starting on Friday, November 29th running through December 28th.  So join us this winter for something exciting in Garrettsville! Feel free to bring your families, friends and neighbors to enjoy the show (just leave the drinks to us).


Amanda is the Co-Owner of Candlelight Winery located at 11325 Center Road, Garrettsville. For more information on other winery topics, please visit www.candlelightwinery.com