Community Legal Aid is hosting free presentations in the coming months to anyone interested in learning more about legal issues covered by the Fair Housing Act.
“We’re looking to provide information to all people impacted by Fair Housing – landlords, tenants, and even elected officials,” explained Patricia Dougan, an attorney with Legal Aid. “Everyone has their own rights and responsibilities, and it’s critical that each person understands what those rights and responsibilities are because it can help prevent costly legal issues from arising in the future.”

The Fair Housing Act is a federal law designed to protect tenants from discrimination. In particular, it protects those who belong to a protected class, or a special group of people who fall under the protection of anti-discrimination laws.

Legal Aid’s sessions will provide information about landlord responsibilities and tenant rights under the Fair Housing Act. Specific topics include blanket bans and discrimination, best practices to avoid a fair housing claim, rights of the elderly and disabled, and obtaining accommodations to remain in your home.

“Often, we have clients come to us with a specific housing issue, like a foreclosure or eviction, and it takes some digging on our part to discover that there’s even a discrimination issue at play,” shared Steven McGarrity, Executive Director of Legal Aid. “Oftentimes, our clients and their landlords don’t even realize there are laws designed to protect people’s rights in this way. Patti’s presentations are one way that we can be proactive and educate the public about these issues.”

Anyone interested in attending an upcoming presentation scheduled for Monday, April 24th following the Trustee’s 6:30 p.m. meeting – Newton Township Hall (4410 Newton Falls Baily Road, Newton Falls, OH 44410) — is encouraged to check Legal Aid’s events page online at Check back periodically, as more sessions may be added.