Garrettsville – Hey kids do you think you have the strongest legs in town? Well, here is your chance to prove it. Buckeye Pedal Tractor Pulls are coming to Garrettsville Summerfest this summer and it is expected to be a hit. The pulls are for all ages and will be held on the bridge, on Sunday June 28 at 3 pm with registration beginning at 2pm.

Pedal tractor pulls are done with modified pedal tractors (provided). Contestants will pull a weighted sled by pedaling the sled down a 30 foot track and whoever pulls the most weight in their age bracket wins. Ok, maybe not quite that simple. There are a few rules to follow but basically this is the gist of the event.

The pulls are broke down by ages and folks will have an opportunity to pull a 65 lb sled with the tractors.

More weight will be added each time they pull, until they are can’t pull any more weight, then a winner is declared. First, second and third place trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers for each age group. All kids who pull will receive participation ribbons.

Here how it works. Register (required in order to pull) for the pulls on Sunday, June 28th at 2 pm on the Windham Street bridge. The pulls are broken down by ages and it is recommended that one wear some sort of tied or Velcro shoes; they provide the best traction for pulling. The pedal tractors will be provided. The kids will pedal pull a weighted sled and the one who pulls the most weight down the 30 feet track will be declared the winner. Garrettsville Summerfest is a sanctioned pull event, so those kids ages 4-11 who place first will be invited to compete in the state pulls later in the year.

The Buckeye Pedal Tractor Pull is sponsored by Sky Plaza IGA