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James A. Garfield High School’s Amazing Athletes


Garrettsville – Congrats to Garfield’s two state champs  in this year’s track and field competition down in Columbus.  Edie Svonavec and Lauren Jones (pictured at left) can be justifiably proud of their individual medals and spots on the podium but their teammates and coaches can be proud as well for being part of the program that has encouraged and supported all of the athletes participating.

Competition on the way up keeps shining a light on the goals at the top.  Champions seldom emerge from a vacuum.  Parents get kudos too.  Not just for their most excellent contributions to the gene pool but the backing, the inspiration, the cheering  and just the sheer time devoted to calling forth a top-notch performance at anything.  You GO, gang!

And thank Title IX (United States Education Amendments of 1972—Higher Education Act of 1965, sponsored by Sen. Birch Bayh, and the Patsy Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act—2002) for allowing—requiring, even—girls to compete in interscholastic sports…and beyond.

You GO, girls!

Just a quick note:  The Garrettsville Branch of the YMCA is sponsoring a 2-week track camp, meeting at James A. Garfield High School, from Monday to Friday, June 15-June 26, directed by the Brothers Pfleger—Jim and Matt, with co-ordination by Kim Curry, with the goal in mind   of putting more Garfield athletes on the podium down in Columbus.  The group will then be entering summer competitions around the  area (Garfield does not have an officially-sanctioned track or these contests might be at home. Think about how this could be remedied).

There have been champions before and there’ll be champions again.

Go, G-Men