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James A. Garfield Class of 2013 Graduates with Distinction


Garrettsville – Threatening skies forced commencement exercises at James A. Garfield High School to be held in the gymnasium rather than the football field on June 2. But nothing could squelch the magnitude of the moment for the JAG Class of 2013.

JAGSGradThe Class of 2013 exemplified its motto for the year, “Above & Beyond.” It was heralded as the class with the highest OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) scores ever, having the smallest number of disciplinary problems, and as major contributors to the school district’s repeat achievement in earning Excellence with Distinction from the Ohio Board of Education.

JAG High School Principal Jennifer Mulhern said this graduating class could be summed up by one word: “Respectable.” She went on to quote Confucius, “Respect yourself and others will respect you.”

Of the 117 graduates, 17 were members of National Honor Society, 10 earned honors diplomas, three were Valedictorians and three were Salutatorians. Valedictorians included Tyler Covey, Emily Rybak and Timothy Schwan. Salutatorians were Caitlin Chartier, Brittany Sisson and Stefan Wickli.

The top 10 scholars earning the Georgia Lee Alford Scholarship included Josie Baum, Caitlin Chartier, Tyler Covey, Logan Dean, Kaleigh Gilmer, Emily Rybak, Timothy Schwan, Brittany Sisson, Shiloh Van Oss, and Stefan Wickli.

Twenty-five graduates earned vocational certificates from Maplewood Career Center. Sixty-eight percent of the graduating class is heading to college or technical school next fall. Three graduates will enter military service.

For retiring Superintendent Charles Klamer, this marked the final commencement speech of his 22-year career at James A. Garfield School District. JAG School Board President Guy Pietra encouraged graduates to emulate Klamer’s legacy of dedication, service, passion, vision, management, leadership, humility, compassion, integrity, loyalty, empathy and love for students.

Klamer relished his final stand at the lectern, admonishing graduates with a series of pithy one-liners to live by, including, “Learn, think, and use the resources accessible to you. Make friends; friendship is a very wise  investment. Weigh your options. Make good decisions for yourself. Learn from your mistakes. Count your blessings; not your troubles. Nothing wastes more energy than worry. Ninety percent of the things people worry about never come to fruition. Your presence is important to the world. It’s never too late to do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Live a life of serenity; not regret.”

In short order, the graduates walked across the platform to receive their diplomas and yellow roses; turned their tassels; tossed their caps in the air; then walked out those gymnasium doors toward the wide open future.


[quote style=”boxed”]“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau[/quote]


Andrew Anderson

Mariah Armstrong

Heidi Basel

Emma Bates

Josie Baum

John Beach

Drake Bennett

Kaitlyn Berkenstock

Joseph Blau

Trent Bontrager

Austin Bowman

Jacob Bradley

Joseph Brahler

Madison Brendle

Melody Bright

Samuel Brooker

Jacob Brookover

Abbie Brown

Ethan Carter

Riley Chafin

Caitlin Chartier

Kaytlin Collin

Thomas Conklin

Tyler Covey

Laurna Curby

Jocelyn Daley

Kyle Dean

Logan Dean

Jennifer Debevec

Austin Dezort

Patrick Enoch

Kaylynn Enzman

Jessica Fackler

Racheal Forcier

Dakota Frank

Alexa Freiberg

Kenneth Fulton

Alexander Galayde

Stephanie Garaja

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Kaleigh Gilmer

Joseph Gonzales

Jessica Gregg

Alexandra Gushura

Megan Hadzinsky

Shane Harbert

Ashley Harris

Julia Hayes

Christopher Hershberger

Nichole Howard

Tyler Howard

Rachel Huehner

Kevin Hurd

Alex Irwin

Sarah Kestranek

Hannah Kirk

Emily Kontur

Dana Kropp

Steven Lambert

Samantha Lane

Desiree Laurich

Kelly Lingro

Kala Lowe

Jessica Lyons

Eileen Mangan

Christopher Mathews II

Garrett McArdle

Sean McCabe Jr

Carly McLoskey

Michael Mikulski

Levi Milko

Ashlie Miller

Briana Miller

Ryan Mullins

Daniel Neu

Michael Paolone

Alissa Parks

Jesse Pasek

Travis Patterson

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Andre Perrault

Marshall Polley

Matthew Pratt

Alexander Radwanski

Christopher Radwanski

Jessie Raisor

Neal Richmond

Kaitlin Richter

Benjamin Riley

Sierra Ruff

Julie Russomanno

Emily Rybak

Michael Schustrich

Timothy Schwan

Matthew Seaman

Anthony Sells

Lacey Sharp

Andrea Sheller

Brittany Sisson

Evan Skocic

Benjamin Smith

Rebecca Smith

Andrew Soukenik

Paige Stachowski

Alexia Stalnaker

Kevin Stock

David Summerlin

Jacqueline Tabor

Bradley Thompson

Kristie Thompson

Logan Trent

Rachael Trujillo

Dustin Tushar

Joshua  Tyburski

Shiloh Van Oss

Rebecca Varga

Brandon White

Stefan Wickli

James Workman

Jenna Yeager