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Jack Joins Garrettsville Police Department


Garrettsville – The Garrettsville Police Department is pleased to announce that our new K-9 team has been selected. Ptl. Keith Whan and his new partner Jack started training on March 16, 2015. They will graduate on April 24, 2015 as a certified K-9 team through the State of Ohio. They will be certified in utility and narcotics detection.

Ptl. Whan has been with the Department since 2008. Jack is an eleven month old Czechoslovakian born German Shepard purchased from the Von Der Haus Gill Kennel where the team will train. Von Der Haus Gill Kennel provided Garrettsville Police Department’s prior two K-9s, Quando and Taz, who were handled by Lt. Timothy Christopher and whose family they retired with. Lt. Christopher will remain active in the K-9 program as the K-9 program coordinator and will continue to give guidance to our new team. Ptl. Whan has been training with Lt. Christopher and other K-9 units from Portage and surrounding counties for the last year and he and his family are familiar with the needs, requirements and commitments it takes to be a K-9 officer.

Ptl. Whan, Jack and the Garrettsville Police Department are looking forward to a productive career and maintaining the services provided by Lt. Christopher, Quando and Taz to the Village of Garrettsville. The Garrettsville Police Department will be accepting donations to keep the current and future K-9 programs in existence. Donations can be made out to the “Garrettsville Police Department K-9 Fund” and will be gratefully received at the Police Department.