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All of you gumshoes out there, have you found any new clues regarding the sort-of-mysterious milk bottle (How mysterious can a milk bottle be?) from the Beardsley Dairy, featuring the Barkrest Herd, in Garrettsville, Ohio (O.K., it was on Asbury Rd in Freedom Twp. but let’s not get picky, especially not ninety years later)?

Well, Scott Lawless, finder and owner of the bottle, will be at the March 19 meeting of the James A. Garfield Historical Society to give an update on his findings so far.

The man is a heckuva sleuth and has been all over the internet, into historical society files, dropping in on cemeteries, county recorders and bankruptcy court information.  He’s tracked some individuals to Chicago–where they made metal billiard tables–some on European trips, some to the obituary pages.  He’s talked to some “old-timers’ and current land-owners, checked out maps.  Interesting doesn’t begin to describe it.

So come on down to the Mott Building on Main St., Garrettsville at 7:00 on March 19 to get the latest on the case.  Bring any other tid-bits that you have and would like to add to the pile.  The game’s afoot, Watson!