Garrettsville – The March 17 meeting of the James A. Garfield Historical Society was preceded by an open house coinciding with the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Garrettsville and a number of visitors were welcomed to view the collections in the historic Mott Building.

The assembled members read through and discussed the proposed changes to the group’s constitution, principally to Article II and Article III.  These changes will be voted on at the April meeting(4/21).  Other changes were suggested to articles and by-laws; these may be voted on after presentation of printed copies of the desired changes under consideration, to be discussed one meeting before the vote.

Questions concerning the possibility of residency requirements for officers and /or members were also raised for consideration.  This ain’t over, folks.

Delma Mishler brought a donation of hats from Sandy Everett, consisting of millinery items belonging to her mother, Bette Benes.

At last word, the historic Mott Building was spared any damage during the fire and tragic loss of a significant portion of the Main St. commercial district.  The treasure trove of photos and artifacts held by the society may be of use in the reconstruction and rebirth of the downtown area.

Thanks to the fire/safety forces who made this possible.