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Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield Historical Society met on January20, 2014 in the historic Mott Building on Main St., Garrettsville for their regularly-scheduled (third Monday of each month) meeting…plenty to talk about.

The mills of the gods grind slowly and so do the proceedings of the Ohio Historical Society.  Cash greases the wheels in all too many situations and the arrival of the historical marker commemorating the Train Robbery in Garrettsville in 1935 (the last major one in the United States) certainly seems to be one of these.  Despite acquiring a grant and a number of donations, the project is being held up right now at least partly over  the cost of getting permission to use a picture( the best one extant) on the marker itself.  Things will work themselves out and a dedication may be in the offing for March(?)…May(?)…as soon as arrangements can be made.

*The marker for the War of 1812 veteran, Daniel  Ellinwood is still in limbo but work on this continues(Judy Thornton)

*Election of officers, revision and updating of by-laws, possible new members for the board of trustees will be next on the organizational agenda

*The computer project—entering all new acquisitions into digital files and working retroactively through current holdings—is under way and proceeding slowly.

*A number of donations were noted: a Civil War sabre with a family history, a book from the Hiram Historical Society, a sewing table and pictures from Dick Davis, pictures from the J.W. Root family, a fragment of the Saturday Item, published in Garrettsville, 1887, concerning settling the estate of a John Farley (Something to be copied but not by using flash or photocopy—bright light damages ancient printed material.  For example, the items in the National Archives, like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, all get special lighting so that they will be spared deterioration for as long as possible).

*The sesquicentennial of Garrettsville’s incorporation as a village (1864) is this year.  Celebration, anyone?  A promo would be a good thing.  Committees are forming.  Get your hat in the ring.

*The Christmas Walk will be this year.  Locations will be finalized soon.  One that is on the list is the Nelson United Methodist Church, which will celebrate its bicentennial (That’s a lot of prayers, folks)in 2014 with numerous events throughout and would like to share their good fortune and good feelings with the community…as they always have.

*There was a communication from the Lake County Historical Society regarding a proposed James A. Garfield By-Way, to be a part of the National Park System, highlighting the locations in Northeast Ohio which were significant in the life of the nation’s 20th President, James A. Garfield.  This would, of course, include both Garrettsville and Hiram.  More info needed.  Could be  a draw for visitors.  Grants may be out there.  Anyone interested?

Next meeting : February 17.  The public is always welcome.