Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield Marching Pride pulled out all of the stops last Friday to give a preview(Preview—that means that they’re just going to get better) of their fall band show line-up.  A fine audience of parents, grandparents, friends and supporters were treated to an evening of musical excitement—on the field and in the stands
They opened with the pre-game exercises—Fight Song, National Anthem, “Hang on Sloopy”, Script G-Men, presentation of the Colors—the whole works, then got down to some serious rockin’ out.  Sound and formations, sound and formations, sound and formations and DANCE.  They’re movin’ and groovin’ once again.  Summer band continues (AFTER band camp which was all LAST week, finishing up with a camp-out) through August.  Then it’s SHOWTIME  at the first varsity football game  vs Cardinal on August 23 at 7:00.
The Marching Pride is directed by Theo Cebulla and Joe Gaither,  with Christina Pesecky  mentoring the flagline.  Outstanding work.
A round of applause and great thanks to all of the parents and Band Boosters (Anyone can be one; you don’t have to be a relative.  Sign up today.  Get involved) who helped to make the event possible.  Ditto for all of the contributions and contributors making Band Camp a success.  Go G-Men!