The High Point Furniture Market is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world.  More than 75,000 retailers, designers, exhibitors, press, manufacturers, and sales representatives descend on the city of High Point, NC for five days every April and October to attend the market.  A common saying in the home furnishings industry is, “if you can’t find it in High Point, then it probably doesn’t exist.”

Having only two days in High Point is exhausting, but at the same time exhilarating.  There is a lot of ground to cover and a lot to see.  Not everything is going to be for our store, but it is fun to see what’s out there and what’s new.  It’s also a great time to network with other retailers and manufacturers.

In addition to shopping for new and exciting merchandise for our store, I also like to take note of current trends, get some great merchandising and display ideas, and attend various seminars pertaining to the home furnishings industry.

Here are a few things worth noting from my recent trip to The High Point Furniture Market:

Chest beds (sometimes commonly referred to as captain’s or storage beds) still rule!  Re-introduced a few years ago-these beds are still hot.  They offer such great storage, especially if you have a small bedroom.

Upholstered headboards are back.  These stylish headboards originally gained popularity in the 17th century.  Today, you will find them in leather for a more masculine look, in patterned fabric for a funky, hip look, and button-tufted for a sophisticated elegant look.  Combine a chest bed with an upholstered headboard and you’ve got a home run!

Casual, lighter looks are leading in the case goods, bedroom, and dining departments.  Many finishes are a satin or low sheen allowing them to show off the wood grain.  Other finishes have a washed look and gray continues to be a popular choice.  From light gray to a deep gun metal, gray is the new brown.  Not that the darker colors like espresso and caffé aren’t still popular-but things appear to be lightening up a bit.

The rustic, reclaimed, and industrial look continues to be popular.  Consumers like the casual look while being eco-friendly.  The worn layers, tones, and textures bring a pleasing rustic aesthetic to any style.

Furniture buyers have a renewed interest in the benefits of quality, solid wood furniture.  Completely assembled solid wood furniture built with quality hardwood is all the rage again.  American-made and better yet, locally-made, is winning the hearts of consumers again.  Since our beginnings, we’ve only offered real wood furniture.  We’ve always had a core group of customers who appreciate and value the durability of well-built furniture made from quality and eco-friendly materials.  But, after a decade of cheap imported furniture that was so prevalent in the market, consumers are coming back to the basics.  This is definitely a trend that we can appreciate!

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