Mantua – As of January 2013, Iron Eagle Martial Arts of Mantua celebrated one year in business!  They offer classes in Traditional Taekwondo and Krav Maga (an Israeli self-defense system focusing on hand to hand combat) for beginner and advanced martial artists and specialized self-defense seminars, as this is at the core of what they teach.  Chief Instructor Steve Chapman has a long career in law enforcement and has studied numerous martial arts for over three decades.   He is well aware of the dangers facing kids and adults in today’s society, and brings this awareness into his classes. “I don’t just teach the forms.  I want my students to learn the practical and historical aspects behind the techniques and understand why they’re doing them.  Belts are earned in this dojang”, says Mr. Chapman.  “Hard work and determination—not attendance advance the student’s rank and understanding.”  Mr. Chapman has found that many students who participate in Taekwondo do so because they aren’t interested in team sports and prefer a more individual path towards achieving their personal and physical development goals.

Over the past year, Iron Eagle’s Reality Self-Defense Program has also picked up steam.   Students learn the elements of Krav Maga, a system of easy to learn self defense techniques that anyone can learn, regardless of age or ability.  Students learn to defend against something as simple as a straight punch to more complicated scenarios involving defense against a weapon.  Their students have assisted  in self-defense seminars in neighboring communities and Predator Prevention seminars at their studio in Mantua.

The staff at Iron Eagle Martial Arts always welcomes new students, and encourages any prospective student to come down and observe a class-or jump right in!  Mr. Chapman believes that “every student learns in different ways, and thus, we teach our students to discover the martial artist within themselves, and to be the best that they can be.”

Iron Eagle Martial Arts is located at 4669 E. Prospect St., Mantua, across from Jake’s Restaurant.  More information about their programs can be found on their website,, on facebook at,  or contact them by phone at (330) 988-9108.