A local historical research project has begun on the “Local Dairies” that delivered milk to our area. Contact has already been made with the local historical societies requesting information. The initial intent is to research any dairy that has an existing milk bottle with its name on it.

So far, information has been accumulated on twelve dairies, including access to most of the milk bottles for taking photos. Over the next months attempts will be made to locate, photograph and gather any memorabilia of what is left of these dairies. Mention of the known bulk milk producers in the area from the past will also be included. Upon completion, this report will be made available to all the local historical societies to be included in their archives for future reference.

I am asking for some help on this project to provide any information that you may have on any of the following dairies. I especially am looking for a picture of a Rand’s Dairy delivery truck from the 1950s to 1960’s. The dairies I am researching are:
Beardsley Farms, E. L. Caldwell, College Hill Farms, Davis Ice Cream, P. N. Groat, Halls, Hendershot, Kelker, Puritan, Rand’s, Rishers, Spencer Farms and Wayside Acres dairies. I have the locations and some information on all of the dairies except for Puritan.

Please call me if you can provide any information – photos, milk bottles, porch boxes, etc. – that shows evidence of these dairies. I will also be meeting with two persons who are knowledgeable and heavily involved in Ohio dairies’ history and research. They will give me some valuable insight for this report. My intended completion date is by the end of 2017. I can be reached at 440-355-4972.