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Home 44444 the Holidays Removed From Chamber Schedule


Newton Falls – After the traditional summer hiatus, the Newton Falls Area Commerce Association reconvened last Tuesday for their September meeting.
Proceeding with business as usual with the financial report and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes, those present then welcomed guest Carrie Anderson, the community liaison of the school district. She spoke briefly about her role in reaching out to the community by assisting at-risk kids, plans to look at the drug and alcohol issue as “prevention has to start somewhere”, other ways to strengthen bonds with the community, the need to address the bullying issue, and intentions of exploring grants to help bring a prevention curriculum to the school.
In old business, the members discussed the success of the recently held summer picnic which was well-attended and came in under budget. The NFACA is looking into sponsoring new banners to replace the aging ones currently hung up throughout town by the hanging flower pots and is currently waiting on pricing for the vinyl printing before making any further decisions. Membership renewals were due over the summer and at this point there are ten members who have not renewed so those in attendance were encouraged to touch base with members that have not been able to come to the meetings. Lastly, the hot topic in old business is planning for the annual Home 44444 the Holidays held in December which will be here before we know it. The planning committee has continued to  become smaller and smaller yet the workload has become more intensive. Last year there was serious discussion held on whether or not to have the 2011 event due to lack of volunteers to help organize the massive undertaking. In the end, the 2011 event was voted through but the bulk of the duties wound up falling primarily on the shoulders of a handful of people who did an amazing job pulling it all together. This year the lack of community involvement and the need for volunteers in general was once again discussed and it was ultimately decided that there are simply not enough people to help plan this year’s event. With several of the volunteers from last year unable to contribute this year and no one to step up and fill their shoes, the association has officially taken this year’s Home 44444 the Holidays festivities off the schedule and will instead focus on the details of the Christmas parade and consider the possibility of a small event following Santa’s lead to the community center after the tree lighting.
In new business, the association voted to welcome new members Hostetler Insurance, Judge James, Renaissance Family Center and the Ohio Tax Lady into the organization. It was announced that the Bright Star nominee for this year is Tanya Allman, the NFACA treasurer.
The City Manager reported: this year’s paving program is underway with actual paving done later this week; the Park & Recreation Commission held a Park Visioning Session on Tuesday, September 18th to discuss and develop future plans and layout for the parks. Input is welcome so anyone who could not attend that meeting can contact the City Manager for directions on how to submit ideas; current park benches are being removed as part of the new planning process – they are being offered to the families or individuals who originally donated the memorials; the traffic signal project should be completed by the end of October; later this year the first two blocks of South Canal Street will receive a new 12” waterline; hours for Trick or Treat will be officially set at the next Council meeting, however the Kiwanis Club has announced the Cake Walk will be on Monday, October 31st and it is expected that Council will plan the Trick or Treat to coincide with the Cake Walk as that has been tradition; the Firefighters Auxiliary Chili Cook-Off will be on Saturday, October 6th; and finally, Make a Difference Day will be Saturday, October 27th. Service projects and events for that day will target the City Park and riverbank areas.
The Association’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 9th at noon.