Garrettsville – When the Garfield G-Man football team took the field Saturday at Lake’s Blue Streak Stadium they had already been dubbed successful. And a chance to go toe to toe with one of the most storied teams in the state was the next step to get the G-Men to the final four. The task ahead of them was Canton Central Catholic (CCC). Five of their previous 13 playoff appearances resulted in final four appearances and two state championships. Also, they are back-to-back state runners-up.

None of that mattered as the G-Men took the field. The opening kick-off gained a first down on two plays and was in Crusader territory. The drive stalled and Garfield was forced to punt. But the offense could barely get to the sideline, because two plays later Seth Morgan stepped in front of a CCC pass for an interception, setting up a first and 10 at the Crusader 23-yard line. A pair of Kyle Borrelli hand offs put the G-Men at first and goal at the10-yard line when the infamous double handoff from QB Dalton Fall to Borrelli who hands it to a crossing Morgan who scampers in for an early 7-0 lead just 4:20 into the game.

Unfortunately, the G-Men wouldn’t score again until late in the final quarter and the Crusaders saw a 40-13 victory, affording the Crusaders a spot in the  final four for the third straight year.

Garfield’s most memorable season has come to an end but the trophy case is a little fuller, as for the first time in school history the football team became regional runners-up and in the process taking the community on a wild ride of stadiums, pep rallies and some of the greatest memories of their young lives.

Great job, G-Men and congratulations, Coach Moser, on being named Division V Coach of the Year!!