Hiram – The Planning and Zoning Commission met on March 1st  at 7 p.m. A motion to support Village Council’s Amendment of Ordinance # 2011-01 was offered and passed by the Commission. Village Zoning Inspector Dominic Gualtieri was asked to inspect and notify in writing all owners of dumpsters that are in violation of Hiram Zoning ordinances. For any additional information on this, please contact Council member Paul Spencer.
As reported in late December the Village received approval for a $50,000 NOPEC energy efficiency grant. The grant is being utilized to make energy saving permanent improvements in village structures.

As reported in February demolition of the old Hiram School is almost complete, for a contract price of $66,900 to Ace-Zuver, LLC. However there is a little more than $40,000 remaining in the CBG Block grant. It has been suggested the Village can utilize these funds for permanent improvements, such as fencing and parking.

Recently the old school property owner, Ferdinand Fojas, M.D. responded to the offer sheet sent to him in January. Dr. Fojas has offered to sell the property to the Village for $160,000 plus a Federal Tax Credit of $30,000. The Village will purchase the property,  financed through a loan/mortgage/bonds [at no cost to village taxpayers] and lease the property to Hiram College for the purposes of a baseball field and observatory, all open to the community.

As reported in May 2010 Council set in motion the purchase from KME Fire Apparatus Co. in PA in the amount of $431,000 for a 2010 diesel Fire Pumper-Tanker. This new apparatus was delivered in February and titled with Portage County Auto titles last week.
Hiram College and the Village are currently in negotiations to secure a new two (2) year fire and police service contract with the college.

Tuesday March 8th was the final day of evidentiary hearing before the Portage County Commissioners on the annexation of 139 acres to Hiram Village. Legal counsel for the Township Trustees, Village and Petitioners will submit legal briefs in early April and two Commissioners [Maureen Frederick and Tommy Jo Marsillio] will issue a decision thirty days later. [Commissioner Chris Smeiles recused himself because of a possible conflict in interest.] It has been reported by the press this annexation hearing is the longest in Portage County history. The cost of the transcript of proceedings exceeds $6,000. It is also estimated that the legal fees and expenses will easily exceed $100,000.

The next Finance Committee meeting will be held on March29  in the Rosser Municipal building and will be followed by the Safety Committee meeting.  Planning and Zoning Committee will meet on April 5 at 7 p.m. in the Fire Department.  The next Village Council meeting will be on April 12 at 7 p.m.