Hiram – At the last Village Council meeting, Ms. Lori Calcei and Ms. Tia Paoloni spoke to the group. Ms. Calcei, who has experience as a Fiscal Officer in Suffield Township  and as Deputy Fiscal Officer for the Portage County District Library, is running for the position of County Recorder in this month’s election. Currently the Assignment Commissioner for Judge Becky Doherty, Ms. Paoloni is a former Probate Court Deputy Clerk for Portage County, and is running for the position of County Clerk of Courts.

Next, Director of Regional Planning Todd Peetz spoke to Council. He introduced Ms. Tia Rutledge, Planning Manager from Portage Water Resources in Ravenna. Ms. Rutledge is charged with identifying problem areas within the county, and helping to craft the plans to make improved water systems more economically feasible in the future, through locating grant opportunities and helping to coordinate county-wide water projects. An example project Ms. Rutledge provided was that to address septic tank failures in Brimfield, they’ll investigate extending water and sewer lines to previously unserved areas. Mayor Bertrand showed enthusiasm for projects of this scope; he shared his thoughts on creating water and sewer districts among local communities in an effort to share costs and provide better services to residents.

In his police report, Sergeant Brian Gregory welcomed Patrolman Emily Ahrens (pictured above) who was sworn in by Mayor Louis Bertrand at the beginning of October. He noted that Patrolman Ahrens is a great addition not only to the department, but to the Hiram community, as well.

Sgt. Gregory also shared the results of the Department’s Hot Rod car show, which benefits the Hiram and Garrettsville Shop with a Cop program. “Thank you to the car owners who braved the weather and brought their fantastic classic cars and trucks out for our event,” Sgt. Gregory beamed. “I was astounded by the turnout for the event. It’s so nice to see many folks from all around come out and support the Hiram and Garrettsville Police Departments and our community programs,” he added. Sargeant Gregory thanked the event’s sponsors, which included Kepich Ford, Maggie’s Doughnuts, Hiram Gionino’s, Skylane Bowling, NAPA Auto, Village Bookstore, and many more. “Without our sponsors, we wouldn’t have been able to make it a success.”

In addition, he added that several officers had attended training programs on topics ranging from human trafficking, crime scene investigations, Narcan learning, and procedural justice. The department also welcomed Patrolman Devin Brown as a full time officer in September.

In other news, Village Administrator James McGee shared his plans to attend a meeting with the Hiram Township trustees to investigate the potential purchase of the township’s garage, which is located on Ryder Road near the Fairview Cemetery. In other news, Mr. McGee asked for council’s direction on where to place the trailhead for the Hike and Bike Trail spur. He shared that his preference was to have the trailhead placed on Winrock Road, but the plan from the Ohio Department of Transportation notes that the trailhead is to be located on State Route 305. After much discussion regarding safety concerns, Council passed a motion directing Mr. McGee to appeal ODOT’s planned placement of the trailhead at State Route 305. They agreed with Mr. McGee’s suggestion to forgo installation of a trailhead, if ODOT was not able to relocate it to a safer site. In related news, resident Tim Kasper thanked Council for the new sidewalks, which were installed along State Route 700 into the Village. He asked the Village to consider extending them to Cheryl Drive, as well.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hiram Village Council will be held on Tuesday, November 8th at 7 pm; residents are encouraged to attend.