Hiram Twp – After Steve Pancost, Chairman of the Township Trustees called the meeting to order, Assistant Fire Chief Mark Kozak presented his monthly report, sharing that, fortunately, January’s calls were, “kind of low.” Kozak reported 32 total calls within the village and college, with a total of 14 in the township. He also reported that the Fire Department is investigating the potential of generating additional funds by placing a levy on the ballot during November’s election.

In similar news, Township Trustees are in the process of finalizing plans to purchase an emergency siren for the south end of the township. The addition of this new, second siren will provide emergency notification coverage to the entire township, and will be located on State Route 82, across the street from the Rolling Acres development. According to Vice-Chairman of the Trustees, Kathy Schulda, the siren will be installed by late spring or early summer, with a portion of the funds provided by Village Builders, per an agreement with the township. 

In other news, the Trustees appointed Gary Bott to represent the township on The Hiram Community Trust Board. The Trust endows grants to enable groups and organizations throughout the area to provide community resources and programming.

In addition, it was noted that the Hiram Township Zoning Board will meet on February 11 at 7 pm at the Township Hall to review the Hiram Township Comprehensive Plan that has been approved by the Portage County Regional Planning Commission. Once approved by the Zoning Board, it will be presented to the Township Trustees for final review and approval.

Lastly, Road Supervisor Tom Matota reported that the township, like many Northern Ohio communities, is experiencing a road salt shortage. He has been told that since the township has already received their allotment of salt, they will not be receiving more until other communities have received delivery of their allotments. The current supply salt supply is being used sparingly, on hills and at stop signs. Meanwhile, the Ohio Department of Transportation is in the process of procuring another supply of salt to make available to communities on a first-come-first-served basis. This supply is estimated to be available by the end of February. The township is responsible for maintaining 19.943 miles of public roads in Hiram Township.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Hiram Township Trustees will be held on March 4th, when a representative from the Portage Park District will be present to discuss a Park levy ballot issue. The meeting will be held at the Township Hall at 7 pm.