Hiram – The Hiram Police Department recently received a $1,000.00 grant from the Wal-Mart “Local Giving” program. The grant was awarded through Middlefield Wal-Mart and will fund the Hiram Police Department Bicycle Safety Rodeo held duringHiramVillage’s July 4th event. 

2013-bike-safety-rodeo-002“This grant award will make it possible for us to expand, enhance, and totally transform our bicycle safety rodeo event, we will be adding new activities that promote bicycle safety and skills that children will learn and demonstrate that will also enhance bicycle safety”. Chief Ed Samec said.

Officer Dave Ovens coordinates the event and this year we have many more options available to us to promote bicycle safety now that we have the grant funding. “Every year children are injured, some severe and fatal, with injuries sustained from improper bicycle riding habits, our goal is to reach as many children that we can and teach them safe practices.” Chief Ed Samec added.  “We hold our community programs to a very high standard, we believe in “Giving Back” to the community and we are able to “step it up” a notch or two with our Bicycle Safety Rodeo thanks to the Wal-Mart Local Giving” grant award.

Please watch for the date and time for this year’s Hiram Police Department Bicycle Safety Rodeo on www.hirampolice.organdwww.hiramvillage.org.