Hiram – The Hiram Police Department is pleased to announce the acquisition and approval of the Ohio Criminal Justice Services Justice Assistance Services Law Enforcement grant. The grant will fund the acquisition of 2 in-car dash mounted video recorder units for 2 of Hiram PD patrol cars. The total project is budgeted at $4,134.60. The approval of this grant will heighten the ability to obtain video evidence and footage of officer/public interactions during traffic stops without carrying the financial burden to the taxpayers. “With successful grant acquisitions we are able to improve, acquire, and update safety equipment, which generates an improved safety service that we provide to the community, it also is completed without burdening taxpayers or the budget with the expense”. Currently Hiram PD does not have in-car video recording devices which are extremely important to law enforcement, we now will have the capability to capture footage that will serve to be extremely vital in our everyday operations.

The Hiram Police Department has also been awarded a $2,795.00 grant from the United States Department of Justice. The grant is known as the “Bulletproof Partnership Program” and is directed toward the purchase of body armor for law enforcement officers. “We are excited that we were successful and awarded the grant, our current budget allocations does not permit or accommodate the purchase of body armor for our police officers”. Chief Ed Samec said. Law enforcement body armor vests range in price from $600.00 to $800.00 each and expire at a 5 year time frame. “I want to assure that all of our police officers have updated and modern body armor to wear as part of their daily uniforms”. Chief Ed Samec added. “In this day and age, law enforcement officers face hazardous and sometimes potentially fatal encounters and not having body armor as part of our uniform wear is no longer a concern not only for the officers but for their families as well, I have vowed to do everything I can do as a police chief to ensure safety for our officers and outfitting them with body armor is a huge step in that.” Chief Samec said.