Sixteen members of the Hiram High School Class of 1962 – Ray Anielski – Sue; Sue (Beck) Reithman; Gene Bocskey; Dan Dyer; Lyn (Collier) Leiendecker – Larry; Ron Etling – Lucy; Carla (Geiger) Altiere; Ellen (houghs) – Don Dingus; Ralph (Green) Margaret Hammond – Green; Connie (Hoskins) Filler – Lenny, Nancy (Kaminski) Duquette, Patricia (McClain) Koltas – Carl; Tim Snyder; Sharon (Mullen) Steiner; and Robert Waller – Marianna, gathered at the home of Ron and Lucy Etling on July 15, 2017 for a 55th class reunion. Everyone who was able to attend had a great time telling stories of our Hiram High School days.

We even had a class lesson – discussion on deer antlers. We learned that deer loose their antlers every year and that the antlers grow back usually starting in April of the following year, at a rate of ¼” per day. The new antlers grow to the size of last year’s, plus for the year.

The class of 1962 started school in 1949, with 12 original students. In 1959, 40 students in the 9th grade came to Hiram from Streetsboro because Streetsboro did not have a high school at the time. (Streetsboro had grown too fast with the automotive factories in the area needing workers. A lot of families had moved there.) The students joined our 28 students 9th grade class. We had 41 graduating seniors in 1962 from Hiram High School. Several students had moved away and graduated from other schools. We have learned that eight members of the class have passed away; Charlotte Stergar, Diane Mlckowsky, Michael Sobwixk, Paul Misch (April 23, 2001), Roger Steiner (Nov. 17, 2006), Daniel Zielke (May 25, 2009), Raymond Taylor (Nov. 26, 2009), Joseph Nagy (April 22, 2016) and Clair Yoder.

Several classmates who attended this year’s reunion live in the area – Akron, Chardon, Cuyahoga Falls, Grafton, Hudson, Lordstown, Mantua, Macedonia, Ravenna, Streetsboro and Stow. We even had a couple come from Hendersonville, N.C.

The reunion planning committee was Ron Etling, Bob Waller, Sue Beck, Ellen Houghes and Sharon Steiner. If anyone has any information about other class members, please let us know.