Hiram  –  Hiram College is proud to present a showcase of traditional Chinese music, featuring internationally renowned artist Guo Yazhi, as he makes his Northeast Ohio debut.
Hiram-College-Guo-Yazhi-photoMaking his first Northeast Ohio appearance, the internationally renowned virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Guo Yazhi  will present a colorful showcase concert at Hiram College’s Frohring Recital Hall on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 3 p.m. In the program, Guo will play more than ten different traditional Chinese wind instruments, displaying the charm and subtlety of such rarely heard instruments as the xun (an ancient clay ocarina dating back 7,000 years); the guanzi and shuangguan (single and double oboes with clarinet-like tone); and various sizes of suona (a shawm with metal bell). Pieces to be performed include “Tapping Jujubes,” “Phoenix-Tail Bamboo Under the Moonlight,” and “A Hundred Birds Court the Phoenix,” among others.

Guo will be accompanied for several selections by the area’s own Cleveland Chinese Music Ensemble, whose instruments include the dizi (bamboo flute), sheng (mouth organ), erhu (fiddle), pipa and yueqin (lutes), drums, gongs, and other percussion.

This program is sponsored by the Music Department and the Hiram Community Trust; it is free and open to the public; no tickets required (arrive early for best seats).  For more information contact Professor Tina Dreisbach at (330) 569-7539.