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Hero’s Rock Rises from the Rubble


Mantua – On March 7th, 2015 the weight of the winter snow took out the garage of Scott and Trish Snyder from Mantua. The garage housed their woodworking shop.  The home of outrageous and unique rocking horses (Trott Wood Creations), was best known for their tribute rockers for children of fallen heroes (Hero’s Rock).

Having just returned home from work Trish called Scott in to an early supper.  They had just sat down, before the first bite a loud rumble caught their attention.  They both turned, only to watch as the roof disappeared behind the walls. The initial shock was just disbelief!  Scott had just been in there minutes before, working on the “Patriotic Pony” which was scheduled to be painted that weekend, and the “Crime Dawg” a tribute rocker for fallen Akron Police Officer Justin Winebrenner.

Within minutes people began to arrive. The Mantua Police and Fire Department quickly surmised that it was a total loss.  Just as quickly, they realized who we were and what was buried in the rubble. Without hesitation they put themselves in harm’s way, climbing through the debris to pull out the “Patriotic Pony” and the “Crime Dawg” drawings.

It was overwhelming to watch as they carried these precious pieces out.  The Patriotic Pony rescued is the first of a series of ponies being built for Fisher Houses across the country.  This one honors one of Mantua’s own, Spc. Adam Hamilton.   They are being built to pay tribute to the fallen, while bringing joy to military families supporting loved ones in need of medical care. The Fisher Houses provide free housing for military families to stay close to their wounded warrior during their medical care.

By noon of the next day, the house was full;  all four Cleveland news stations and surrounding newspapers were on their way to cover the story.  The love and support pouring in was overwhelming! People came to help sift through the frozen rubble and try to save everything possible.  It is unsettling to go from the ones extending a helping hand to the ones needing the helping hand.  “Our world collapsed that day!” Underinsured, we were supported when people held fundraisers, a go-fund-me was set up, businesses donated their equipment and staff to get us back on our feet and rock’n.

Five months later, the rebuild nears completion.   The garage is beautiful and was reconfigured to help with the building of the rockers.  People across the nation and close at hand helped donate time, money and support to make this happen!  People did so much for us!!! We needed a way to say “Thank You!” personally to everyone!

So, we invite you to join us on August 15th Saturday, 2pm – 8pm at the “Rock’N Thank You Party!” Stop by, tour the wood shop and give us a chance to thank you personally!  Music and food provided!