Hiram – Well, maybe you won’t hear.  The Hiram Community Band…the Hiram Community Fourth of July Band, is looking–almost in vain so far–for band members, musicians on just about any kind of instrument to play at 4:00 on the Fourth in front of the Frohring Music Building on the Hiram College campus.  Final practice is on Friday, July 1 in Frohring, starting at 6:45.  Come on down! Limber up your lip; flex your fingers, break out the bifocals so you can see those itty-bitty notes.  Get out your red, white and blue to celebrate the day.(Listen, the first rehearsal had one clarinet, one saxophone, one trombone, one–semi-functional–trumpet, a French horn, two flutes, a tuba …and me, whaling away at the bass drum.  A triangle player is desperately needed…among other things.  Come on, give it a shot. It’s fun and it’s a thirty-odd year[some years were very odd] tradition that doesn’t deserve to die)  You can do this!