Newton Falls – Join Healthy Treasures as they celebrate their spring health day on Saturday, April 21, 2012 from 11am to 3pm at 32 West Broad Street (their temporary location), Newton Falls, OH.  There will be four free educational lectures, food samples and giveaways. Speakers include Dr. Ted Suzelis, N.D. who will speak on the Blood Type Diet; Synthia Suzelis and Ashley Suzelis will speak on Understanding Your Skin; Blake Suzelis will speak on Depression; and Patty Sparks will speak on Craniosacral Therapy.  Free.  To RSVP please call 330-872-1119 or email

Lecture schedule:

11am – “Blood Type Diet Meal Prep” by: Dr. Ted Suzelis, N.D., Naturopathic Doctor
Join Dr. Ted for an informative lecture that will provide more of information on how to incorporate the blood type diet into your life. He will discuss meal planning, share recipes, teach you how to substitute ingredients in your current recipes to make them blood type friendly, and much more.

12pm – “Understanding Your Largest Organ: Your Skin” by: Synthia Suzelis & Ashley Suzelis, Licensed Aesthetician
Come learn about the benefits and the consequences of choices you make regarding your skin. Learn how to properly treat your skin in order to sidestep avoidable mistakes and benefit your body for years to come.

1pm – “Understanding Depression” by: Blake Suzelis, Professional Christian Counselor Intern
If you or a loved one is dealing with depressive symptoms then you want to make sure to attend this lecture. Blake will help you understand what people are dealing with on several levels and offer options to help you manage or even elevate depressive symptoms.

2pm – “How Can Craniosacral Therapy Benefit You” by: Patti Sparks, Craniosacral Therapist
Patti has been practicing Craniosacral Therapy for many years with SSHAS. She will be exploring the basics of this type of therapy, in addition to the expected benefits. For those with chronic headaches, please, do not miss this lecture.