Garrettsville – The James A. Garfield Alumni association will be marking its 10th anniversary this fall while recognizing  “old timers” of the classes of ‘2005, ‘95,  ’85, ’75, ’65, ’55, ’45, ’35, and as far into the past as possible.  Come one, come all.  Bring your friends and family, classmates (and teachers, if they’re still tottering about) and folks in the neighborhood.  Tom Klem is recruiting attendees from the Class of 1995, Andrea Fox is  attempting the same for the Class of 2005.  Anyone out there who’d like to do the same for your class, have at it.  Y’all come!

The festivities will begin with an away football game at Pymatuning Valley on Friday, September 18.  Go, G-Men!  On Saturday, September 19 doors at the Garfield Elementary School will open at 5:00p.m. for socializing and dinner is to be served at 6:30.  The program will include recognition of the honored classes, possibly selections by the Garfield Marching Pride(They’re in demand for band shows, so might be on a tight schedule); Superintendent Ted Lysiak  may take you on a trip back through time to see what was going on in your big year .  Could be any number of student-originated displays of talent.  AND there will be the faces that you haven’t seen in…how long?

If you have not received your invitation card in the mail by May 15, contact any organizing committee member (Judy Toth, Ruth Harrington, Christine Pittsinger, Tom or Sheri Colllins) or call Helen Louise Bouts.  Got a yearbook to share?  Bring it along.  Over 1600 individuals have graduated from the schools that make up the James A. Garfield Local School District.  How about making it 200 at the dinner?  Reservations are $18 and are due by September 2 so the catering by Guido’s can be finalized.

And…if you’d like to be part of the committee to plan for the next affair, volunteers are always welcome.  Just drop your name at the door; they’ll call you.