Windham – Renaissance Family Center (RFC) recently held a birthday party for Social Security and Medicare last Friday.  They celebrated the fact that Social Security turned 77 years old and Medicare turned 47 years old this year.  Along with the birthday party the group brought in many local organizations to help folks know what services are available to seniors and that they are not alone, whatever situation they find themselves in. Tyra Thompson said, “Seniors need to know they are not alone and there is help out there for them even if it is just companionship and having a sense of belonging somewhere. They just need to know where to acquire the assistance that they need.” So RFC decided to host a Birthday Party that would be an information resource for everyone. Some of the organizations that were there to offer information on what is available to the seniors were Family and Community Services, Ohio Alliance for Retire Americans,  Home Instead, Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), a funeral home, Townhall II Coleman Services, Portage County Library and a cycling company, along with RFC schedule of activities and the Windham Historical Society.

People arrived and could visit each display and ask questions and obtain information on food and housing assistance, transportation, adult day care, health questions, companion services, home instead of nursing home care, an advocacy group whose main goal is to make sure Social Security and Medicare benefits will be available when they are needed. A cycling company was there to encourage seniors to stay active.  A funeral home was also on hand to assist folks with planning for the inevitable.  Attendees visited each station, had a slice of birthday cake and were able to sit down and enjoy fellowship with others before heading out the door with a bag full of valuable resources.

The birthday party is just one of the many activities that RFC offers for seniors. They have activities for seniors on Thursday and Friday afternoons. The center has a place for seniors to play games, or just hang out and take.  Many seniors also visit the center daily for their morning for coffee and companionship.

More information about RFC programs cam be found at Facebook or by calling 330 326-3003