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Halloween Decorating Contest Results


Garrettsville – The Thomas Harrison/ Barker Family challenged the people of Garrettsville to out do their Halloween decorations. All the proceeds were to go to the Garrettsville Strong Fund to help rebuild Garrettsville.

The judging took place the night before Halloween. There were four families in all that joined the fun. Three of our fellow citizens agreed to judge the homes. They were Jan Boehm  from the zoning department,  Debbie Kostrub  from Art n Flowers and Dairy Queen owner Roger Angel.  They all rode together and told us they enjoyed the evening.

The First Place went to Thomas Harrison / Barker Family. Second  was won by Rebecca  Sopher’s family. We want to thank those who took the time and effort to join this contest. First Price was 50.00 which was donated from Local BPO Values.

The donation to the Garrettsville Strong fund to particapte was  $10.00. The Harrison/Barker Family are also donating their winnings to the Garrettsville Strong Fund. A special thank  you goes out to our judges and all the families who decorated. You’re all winners to us.