Geauga County – GCPL offers a multitude of ways for patrons to experience the creative work of authors, musicians, and artists throughout history. Now, with two new resources, Creator Space and Writer’s Room, GCPL has become a portal for creatively-inclined individuals to share their own work and contribute to the ever-expanding collection of art and literature. For all the dreamers and makers, Creator Space and Writer’s Room allows your work to become part of the continuum of art that GCPL provides.

Creator Space contains work from local artists, musicians, writers, photographers, and more. Do you want to share and promote your work? You can upload your stories, drawings, albums, paintings, and photographs for others to enjoy. You can even link to your personal website or Amazon page for purchase of physical copies of your work. Your pieces become part of the creative community at GCPL. Creator Space gives local artists, both young and old, a platform to share their art and appreciate others’ work.

Writer’s Room is a dedicated space for local writers and those interested in writing-related events. You can learn about laying out and submitting your self-published eBooks using Pressbooks and SELF-e and also stay up-to-date on all upcoming writing-related programs and workshops. Self-published authors who submit their books to SELF-e are automatically included in the Indie Ohio collection, where their work can be read and appreciated by a state-wide audience.

Both Creator Space and Writer’s Room can be found on the GCPL website. If you have any questions, email