Garrettsville – At Wednesday’s meeting of the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Board of Directors provided a fund status report for the fund. Erika Frankel, Treasurer, announced that as of May 6, 2014 the GarrettsvilleStrong fund stood at $46,370. This number reflected the total amount deposited as of the meeting date, and did not include anticipated deposits not yet received.

In an effort to improve transparency Chamber President Benjamin Coll announced that beginning Friday, a weekly fund status would be provided on the GarrettsvilleStrong page of the Chamber’s website.

Following the Chamber of Commerce meeting, the board of directors entered into executive session to review proposed guidelines for distribution of GarrettsvilleStrong funds. These guidelines are being established  with  the guidance of the Ohio Attorney General, and will  be reviewed by legal counsel prior to a  formal announcement of how fund distribution will occur.

The Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors established the GarrettsvilleStrong fund on Monday, March 24th to raise funds, which will be utilized to facilitate the rebuilding of the northeastern block of downtown Garrettsville affected by the fire March 22, 2014. This area is located on Main Street between Center and High Streets.