Garrettsville – The Village of Garrettsville Council met on Wednesday April 19 at 7:30pm starting with a public hearing on Ordinance 2017-02. This ordinance enacts chapter 1199 of the codified ordinances of the Village of Garrettsville in order to enact an exterior maintenance code for the Village of Garrettsville.

There was public discussion between council members and residents in attendance. The Planning Commission will oversee and enforce the code but council can take action as well. After the public hearing ended everyone in attendance participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Regular business minutes from the previous meeting were accepted. Minutes from a special business meeting were accepted as amended. Ordinance 2017-02 had its third public reading. A motion was made, seconded and passed to enact this ordinance. It will go into effect in thirty days.

There was a special presentation made to build a new website for the village. The fee to build it includes back up, monitoring and security. Council will take the time to look at some other websites this company has made. They will make a decision about a new website in the future.

Resolution 2017-07 was accepted with changes. The changes made were to take out the name of the village clerk-treasurer and insert Garrettsville CFO instead. This ordinance has to do with training relating to the administration of the village’s public records policy.

Ordinance 2017-08 was enacted to come into line with the state of Ohio decision. This ordinance amends the Garrettsville Employee Handbook relating to weapons possession on village property and declaring an emergency.

Resolution 2017-09 authorizing participation in the ODOT Winter Contract (018-18) for road salt was enacted. This will help the village purchase salt at a better price for next year.

Council took care of a lot of business before the roundtable discussion. Part of the discussion focused on involvement in RCAP GPS collection. Involvement in this program will help the Maintenance Department know where shut off valves are for water lines, sanitary sewers and storm sewers. The Board of Public Affairs funds the bulk of this program. This program passed and the village will move forward on this.

There was some discussion about the policy regarding holiday pay and floating holidays for village employees. Then Ordinance 2017-10 was amended and accepted. This has to do with making appropriations for current expenses and expenditures for the village in the fiscal year ending December 31, 2017.

The meeting then turned to residents from Wheeler Road who had concerns about the sidewalks that have been put in. One resident brought pictures to show council members what they were talking about. It seems that residents have been billed for their share of the work but the work has not been completed satisfactorily. The pictures made a significant point. Council assured the residents that the lawns around the sidewalks will be backfilled and seeded. They said the work would be completed but could not give them a time table.

The council meeting ended with general discussion about water bills arriving late, after due dates for some residents. This issue needs to be taken up with the Post Office, not the village. There was some interaction about plans for paving roads and repairing existing sidewalks and about getting Kar-A-Bru Road dedicated.

This was a long council meeting and a lot of business was taken care of. A number of residents were heard and their concerns were discussed openly. Council took the time to interact with each resident that spoke. Sometimes people do not realize all of the business that goes on to run a village.