Garrettsville – On Wednesday November 9 at 7:30pm council met in the Village Hall to discuss village business. All but two members were present and after the Pledge of Allegiance the meeting was started.

There was a public hearing regarding Ordinance 2016-28 to amend the Zoning Map of the Village of Garrettsville by changing an area of property from the C2 Commercial Zoning Classification to the R2 Residential Classification. This was discussed by council members and some residents who were in attendance. The property owners are requesting the changes which would make approximately half of the property residential while half stays commercial.

After this hearing council accepted the minutes from the October 12, 2016 meeting. Reporting on income taxes showed there is little change from last year to this year. The village is still trying to collect back taxes.

Ordinance 2016-28, which was tabled last month and discussed earlier was untabled, discussed, amended and moved, intact, as amended.

Ordinance 2016-31 enacting Section 1149.05(r)(11) of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Garrettsville relating to inspection of apartments located over commercial establishments. This was the third reading with discussion. It was moved, intact.

Ordinance 2016-33 amending Section 921.03(a)(3) of Streets, Utilities, and Public Services Code of the Village of Garrettsville relating to water rates.  This was the third reading. There was discussion between residents in attendance and council members. This would mean a rise in water rates from 2% to 5% for five years. After the five year period rates would be returned to 2%. This rise in rates does not affect the sewer rates. This was voted on and passed.

There was a second reading of Ordinance 2016-35 retroactively amending Ordinance 2009-67, the “Village of Garrettsville, Portage County, Ohio Employee Handbook,” relating to overtime worked by Exempt Administrative Employees. There was some discussion and no action taken because it was the second reading.

Resolution 2016-42 authorizing the mayor and clerk-treasurer of the Village of Garrettsville to execute an agreement authorizing Arcadis US, Inc to provide additional construction phase assistance for the Liberty Street/Silica Road Drainage Improvements at a cost not to exceed $9000. After some discussion, it was agreed to postpone indefinitely and have a special meeting about this.

Comments were then taken from residents in attendance. One resident discussed the idea of turning the tennis courts on Park Ave. into a skateboarding park. There was good interaction between council and residents regarding the changes, other areas and funding of this construction. It was decided that more information was needed and this will be discussed next month.

Other topics of discussion involved the naming of the softball field on Brosius Road as the Scott Van Horn Softball Field. Public response to the Christmas Walk is low this year, especially for the Candle Light Walk. The use of different companies or one company to pick up trash was discussed.

The annual Christmas Tree Lighting will take place on Saturday November 26 at 6pm. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there and it will be a fun time for all ages.

The meeting then moved to Executive Session.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday December 14 at 7:30pm. Residents who would like to know more about the running of the community are encouraged to attend.