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Garrettsville Village Council News


Garrettsville – The Village of Garrettsville Council met on Wednesday January 11 for their first meeting of 2017. After opening with the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Patrick asked for nominations for council president. Councilman Tom Hardesty was elected as president of council for 2017.
The following 2017 Mayoral Appointments were approved:
Streets, Parks and Cemeteries: Tom Hardesty, Sheri Johnson
Village Properties and Sidewalks: Debbie Wordell, Sheri Johnson
CRA Housing Officer: Steve Hadzinsky
Fire District Representative: Steve Hadzinsky
EMS District Representative: Jeff Kaiser
PCRPC Designee: Alternate: Becky Harrington
Board of Zoning Appeals: Larry Eiermann
Income Tax Review Board: Fran Teresi, Chris Perme, Tracey Brunner
The next order of business was the presentation of the Mayor’s 2017 State of the Village of Garrettsville. This was accepted as presented and is available here.
Councilman Steve Hadzinsky thanked the businesses responsible for providing a digital fire extinguisher trainer to the GFN Fire District. It will be a great help in the training process.

Councilwoman Deb Wordell stated that the Economic Development Group will be meeting for the first time on Thursday January 26 at 6:30pm at the JAG Professional Development Center.

Councilwoman Sheri Johnson said that poor road conditions on Crestwood Dr. are being looked into and the village is getting quotes for repairs.

Councilman Jeff Kaiser reported that the new EMS squad is in service.

Councilwoman Becky Harrington is looking into the cost of refurbishing village tennis courts, as it looks like the high school will be starting a tennis team.

Council then moved to go into executive session.